MTG User GuideΒΆ

In order to quickly learn how to read a MTG file and plot it with PlantGL, jump to the the Quick Start to manipulate MTGs. If you are in a hurry and want to parse the MTG to retrieve information about it, look at the The openalea.mtg.aml module: Long Tour that fully describes the openalea.mtg.aml module.

Then, we advice you to look at the section MTG file to understand what is a MTG file through a detailled description of the format and a few examples (note that the section File syntax gives a full description of the format). The section Illustration: exploring an apple tree orchard explains through a full example what can be done with the MTG data in point of view of statistical analysis.

Finally, once the MTG format is understood, you may want to create your own MTG file from scratch as described in Section Tutorial: Create MTG file from scratch.


The full guide reference is also available Reference.