utilities (plots)

Different utilities such as plot2D, plot3D, and so on…

openalea.mtg.util.mtg_plot(g, scales=1)[source]
openalea.mtg.util.plot2d(g, image_name, scale=None, orientation=90)[source]

Compute an image of the tree via graphviz.

  • g (int) : an MTG object

  • image_name (str) : output filename e.g. test.png

Optional parameters:
  • scale (int): represents the MTG’s scale to look at (default max)

  • orientation (int): orientation angle (default 90)

openalea.mtg.util.plot3d(g, scale=None)[source]
Compute a 3d view of the MTG in a simple way:
  • sphere for the nodes and thin cylinder for the edges.

openalea.mtg.util.plot_nx(g, *args, **kwds)[source]

Download the source file ../../src/mtg/util.py.